Angelia Trinidad

Angelia Trinidad is the CEO and founder of Passion Planner. Her parents both immigrated to the United States from the Philippines hoping to give their children a better life. Angelia is one of four children and was born and raised in San Diego. She was admitted to UCLA with the intention of studying medicine, but after realizing that it wasn’t something that she was passionate about, she switched over to studying art, despite her parent’s disapproval. After graduating from UCLA in 2012 with a degree in Art and a minor in Arts Education, she was caught in a period of directionless floating. 

That’s when she created Passion Planner, a tool that would help people create the life they’ve always wanted. Since then, she’s successfully launched 3 Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $1.6 million with the help of 60,000 people all around the world. Angelia has grown Passion Planner into a thriving company that challenges the norms and boundaries of a traditional business and work culture. Her persistence and ambition has evolved Passion Planner not only into a company, but a lifestyle and a family.
Now, Angelia aims to give back to her community and to help those who also feel stuck in directionless floating. She does so by giving out free Passion Planners to students, non-profit organizations, and other individuals who she feels could greatly benefit by adding structure to their dreams. She also offers the PDF download for free on the Passion Planner website for anyone to benefit from. Angelia hopes that with the help of Passion Planner, she’ll be able to encourage and empower individuals to create the life they’ve always wanted.

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