Annica Coombs

Annica is the co-founder of Core Frequency. She is a lifestyle coach, well known as the other half of "The Gluten Free Twins".  Together they help others to create a healthy, satisfying, and successful life.  Their focus is guiding & supporting others in their relationship with the foods they eat and the emotions they feel. Learning to understand their bodies and how to create greater connections is their company purpose.
In 2010 her and her twin sister, Monica, were both diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. They set out on a journey together learning and educating themselves as much as possible to find ways to heal.
Part of her journey through healing was going through infertility procedures for over 10 years. She found herself at a deep depression and disappear that she didn't know existed. Being a woman and wanting to create life was a driving force in her. She invested time, money, and her body into trying everything possible to have more children. The doctors were baffled because they couldn't find answers to why pregnancy wasn't occurring. After the second attempt at IVF and no pregnancy occurring, she felt impressed to study the emotional side of the body and found so much healing in this area.  She loves helping others who maybe experiencing the same roller-coaster.  
She was extremely excited to find out in 2014 she achieved pregnancy (with no medical procedures or medicines)!  In July 2015, she delivered a healthy baby boy, Jedi...proof once again that the body can heal!  She believes that we have power to create anything we put our minds and hearts into.  Life is one big classroom and she loves being both a teacher and student!
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