Becki Crosby

Becki Crosby is the owner and creator behind Becki is a professional stylist turned self-confidence promoter. She loves a beauty tutorial as much as the next girl, but also believes in a world where people put more value on who you are on the inside than what you look like on the outside. On her YouTube + blog, you'll find plenty of beauty and style tutorials, paired with motivational messages and advice on how to be 100% happy by being 100% you €”no apologies needed. 
 What'€™s that? You'€™re a big dreamer, destined to be insta-famous, gonna' change the world or die trying? Same here! If pixie tutorials and confidence lessons aren'€™t enough to kick start your journey to mega achievement, she still has you covered.  After developing her own business for 7+ years and working on dream projects, She has turned her attention to you, the up-and-coming #GirlBoss who just might need a little pep talk from someone who has been there, tried that.  Never one to shy away from a crowd, she have also taken her love for teaching on the road, speaking to audiences big and small, from LA to NYC.  
 Along with being a multi-passionate info-preneur, Becki also happens to be a wife  and a mom to 4, yes, FOUR kids! When all is said and done she wants her life to be a story that says, You don'€™t need anyone'€™s permission to live life as big and exciting as you want!"
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