Monica Pittman

Monica is the co-founder of Core Frequency. She is a lifestyle coach, well known as the other half of "The Gluten Free Twins".  Together they help others to create a healthy, satisfying, and successful life.  Their focus is guiding & supporting others in their relationship with the foods they eat and the emotions they feel. Learning to understand their bodies and how to create greater connections is their company purpose. 
In 2010 she was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease and that opened the door in a new direction for healing. That began a whole new journey of healing to the core of who she is. She loves giving guidance, direction, and hope to those who have the challenge of an auto-immune disease or physical limitations. "You can still be strong, successful and happy in life, regardless of the situations that are out of our control".  
She has overcome and found ways to manage some severe health challenges including chronic fatigue, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder (from an emergency C- section), anxiety, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.
She was inspired to see how much healing she could do in 2013 and within 7 months she was able to let go of 65lbs without working out, changing her food, or trying a magic pill.  Emotions are extremely powerful and she discovered a key to why people, especially women, struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. As a woman, we can carry stress in two ways: one in body fat and one in tension. She has phenomenal results and loves helping others on their path to healing. 
Monica is a fun, passionate, and playful woman. She is curious and inquistive and has a passion for learning. Monica enjoys writing, playing soccer, cooking, traveling and most importantly spending time with her family. Her greatest joy is "BE-ing" on her way to "BECOMING" the greatest version of Monica!
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