Shanda Peterson

Shanda is the owner of Shanda Photography.  She is amomma to 3 busy littles ones that keep her on her toes every day and teach her about more things in life then she could have ever imagined. "They are my whole world, including their daddy, who is my better half and balances out my spur of the moment personality".
She has a love for photography and took it from a passion to a business 9 years ago. She began as a wedding photographer and found that families are my gig. They bring me so much happiness being able to show the personal love and dynamics that each family has.
She has found that through photography she is able to balance her own passions and creativity while still maintaining a wonderful family life. "I love to eat everything that is sweet especially ice cream & doughnuts. YUM!" She tends to see life as a photo and can find beauty in almost any situation. She gives thanks to her Father in Heaven for helping her be where and who I am today. 
Her photos have been published in national and international magazines and featured on Clickin' Moms, Mom Togs, Momazine, Pixel Kids, Let the Kids Childhood Unplugged, Candid Childhood, bp4ublog, Camera Mama, Candid Slumber, Simply Children, Our Everyday Moments, JJ Forum, Dear Photographer, Moms with Cameras, Family Trails, The Albums Co, and The Bloom Forum.
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